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WELOCK L6SECB Smart Door Lock (Fingerprint + Card + Mobile App)

  • The easiest way to open the door without a key is by fingerprint, smart card or smartphone, as it is one of the best smart door locks
  • Low battery alert feature
  • Supports version 4 (4.0) of Bluetooth
  • It can be used for doors with a thickness of 55 mm to 105 mm by adjusting the lock cylinder
  • Battery life up to 1 year with 10 slots per day
  • number of batteries: 3 of AAA
  • IP44 . Water Resistant
  • The handles are made of zinc alloy to add durability to the lock, and the cylinder (304) is rust-resistant
  • It can withstand 499 fingerprints: 3 fingerprints as administrators, 496 fingerprints as users

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