Warranty Policy

The purchase invoice is the guarantee on all your purchases

-Terms and Conditions :

To obtain warranty services, please attach the original purchase invoice

Warranty is valid from the date of purchase of the product.

Warranty does not include:

Malfunctions due to negligence by the customer, either through wrong use or storage that does not comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations, such as exposure to sunlight or heat, natural disasters, malfunctions due to the use of other incompatible or low-quality accessories parts, malfunctions due to falling or violent vibration, exposure of the product to dust and dirt or Water, liquids, excessive moisture, or exposure of the product to deliberate opening by the customer or unapproved maintenance centers, or exposing the wires to cuts.

For customers inside Jeddah:

Please contact support below

For clients outside Jeddah:

In the event of a product malfunction in the future, it will be shipped to our address in Jeddah at (the customer’s account), and we are not obligated to replace if the warranty conditions are not met.

In the event that the product is repaired or changed by us, it will be sent to the customer’s address on our personal account (we are the black stores website)

Our address....

City: Jeddah

Address: Computer City Palestine Street

Name: Technical Controls

Mobile number: 0561030471